VIDEO: Atilis Gym owners reopen by kicking down entrance barricade

BELLMAWR, N.J. – A recent contempt of court order wasn’t enough to keep Atilis Gym and its hardcore supporters at home. On Saturday, the gym reopened (again), and the owners literally kicked things off by kicking through the wooden barricare erected to bar entry to the gym.

“I hate the fact that it has to come to this,” co-owner Ian Smith wrote on Instagram. “Governor Murphy can portray us in whatever villainous way he wants, but our hands are forced here and that’s his fault. We are over 4 months into an economic shutdown that was supposed to be 14 days. It is time to end this and resume life in a safe and responsible manner. Small business is not solely responsible for the spread of the virus yet we are targeted as such and unfairly treated. You will not trample one our rights and you will not destroy our lives. We will not back down. Ever. Please share this to show what lengths we have to go to just to make a living for our families.”



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