Christie got tested but feels “fine,” is asymptomatic after helping Trump with debate prep

MENDHAM, N.J. – Former Governor Chris Christie said he felt “fine” and was asymptomatic on Friday morning after spending a significant portion of last week helping President Trump with debate prep. President Trump announced early Friday morning that both he and the First Lady had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I want to thank all who have called and texted in the last few hours to check on my health,” tweeted Christie. “I feel fine and have no symptoms. I was last tested for COVID on Tuesday (it was neg) and was tested this morning. No results until tomorrow. I will let you know the results from here.”


In an interview with ABC News (where Christie is a contributor), the ex-Republican presidential hopeful said no one at debate prep wore masks, a point which is certain to trigger Trump opponents who insist that the president hasn’t taken the pandemic seriously enough.