MURPHY’S ELECTION MESS: 7,000 Bergen residents receive ballots with the wrong congressman listed

TEANECK, N.J. – New Jersey’s mail-in ballot woes continue to mount.

On Wednesday, News12 reported that approximately 7,000 voters in Teaneck (Bergen County) received mail-in ballots with the incorrect candidates listed for this fall’s House of Representatives’ races.

Teaneck is split between the 9th District (Bill Pascrell) and the 5th District (Josh Gottheimer). According to the Patch, some 9th district voters got Gottheimer ballots while some 5th District voters were prompted to consider Pascrell.

“It was a programming error that had occurred in the mail house because of the volume of ballots that had to go out,” the County’s Democrat clerk John Hogan told News 12.

“If you live in Teaneck and potentially surrounding communities in Bergen County please make sure you received a correct mail in ballot from the County Clerk before you vote and send it in,” Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R-39) – who represents portions of Bergen County – warned residents on her Facebook page. “Apparently there were incorrect ballots sent to residents with Congressman Josh Gottheimer and Congressman Bill Pascrell on the ballot for districts they don’t even represent. In Teaneck alone it’s impacted over 7,000 voters. Check and make sure the candidates you are voting for actually are your district’s candidates. New ballots are being printed for those households identified as receiving a wrong ballot. If you are one of those households and have already sent in a ballot please be aware that ballot WILL NOT BE COUNTED. You must vote again when your new ballot comes. Universal mail in ballots…..what could possible go wrong in New Jersey?”