N.J. still ranks #2 nationally for killing nursing home COVID-19 patients

TRENTON, N.J. – We’re going to continue hearing a lot of excited rhetoric coming out of the Murphy Administration and the Media as November approaches, Save Jerseyans, all because reported COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in New Jersey. I’m emphasizing “reported” because the numbers often include cases that are (1) later deleted, are (2) far older than a week old, and most absurd of all, (3) represent persons under investigation (tested but not yet diagnosed positive or negative). 

We’re going to watch the numbers closely to protect YOU from being manipulated. We also encourage you to follow Twitter user Woke Zombie and News12’s Kurt Siegelin for honest, no bullshit analysis of the data.

Something else to keep in mind?

Just like back in the spring AND summer, New Jersey continues to rank #2 in the nation for its COVID-19 nursing home death rate (119 deaths per 1,000 residents). That stat is current as of October 11th. Florida? A favorite whipping boy of the Left and America’s retirement capital? 18th (56.3 deaths per 1,000).

Of the 212,328 COVID-19 deaths tabulated by the CDC as of October 24th? 78% are 65 or over and most of those suffered from one or more comorbidities.

A Murphy success story? Really? The DOJ isn’t so sure which is why they’re demanding N.J. long-term care data. A formal civil rights investigation into the veterans’ home death toll is now underway.

Scrutinize the narrative, folks. Think for yourself or you may lose yourself!