Spartacus tweets: Mask compliance is “love”

By Matt Rooney

Cory “Spartacus” Booker (D-Twitter) is known for his fluffy rhetoric, Save Jerseyans, and when he mixes it in with his master level virtue-signaling? Move over, Karen. He’s the king!

Check out this winner from Wednesday afternoon:

You got that?

“War is peace / freedom is slavery [and] ignorance is strength.”

Compliance = love?

I’m not even anti-mask, folks! All the same, I think it’s important for you to see how the elected class view/think/feel about these things.

Background: masks are currently mandatory throughout New Jersey in most public spaces (indoor and outside) when social distancing is not possible. Governor Murphy recently mandated mask usage in most workplace situations and environments, and they were already required to be worn in most commercial settings (restaurants, retail stores, etc).