New Jersey, New York ignore AP request for COVID-19 spending details

New Jersey, New York ignore AP request for COVID-19 spending details

TRENTON, N.J. – It’s been an ugly pre-Christmas weekend for the Murphy Administration.

On Friday, we found out that New Jersey’s nursing home residents would have to wait an extra week to get vaccinated because Team Murphy missed a paperwork deadline.

On Saturday, The Associated Press (hardly a conservative outlet) reported that every single state “except New York and New Jersey responded to AP’s public records request by providing a detailed breakdown of the spending and suppliers” pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a coincidence that NJ and NY have America’s worst and second worst death rates at the moment? Of course not!

This isn’t news to members of the media and even a some local governments who’ve complained for months that the Murphy Administration is ducking records requests. There’s actually bipartisan legislation pending (S-2751/A-4813) which would make it harder for the governor and his henchmen to hide this information.

“The foundation of a healthy democracy is an informed public; based on an agreed upon set of concrete facts to empower them to make educated decisions as they so choose,” said Declan O’Scanlon (R-13), one of the bill’s sponsors in the State Senate, earlier in December. “We’ve run into issues throughout the pandemic where information was simply not as accessible as it should have been. The administration has, at times, refused to answer too many basic questions. All elected officials should tirelessly endeavor to ensure their constituency is well informed; particularly when our decisions have the ability to cripple our struggling businesses and taxpayers.”

Spending transparency is of course only the tip of the iceberg; the Murphy Administration continues to give manipulative case and death data to the public in order to create a distorted view of the pandemic.