The tide is turning against lockdowns in New Jersey | Spadea

By Bill Spadea

For months listeners to my show have heard me take a hard line, uncompromising stance against government overreach. Turns out, I am not alone.

Many voices are starting to rise up in the community against the arbitrary, inconsistent and dangerous policies coming out of Trenton. This is helping to galvanize a strong opposition to the ruling party/political class. Garden Staters are increasingly sick and tired of endless lockdowns and mask mandates as they watch and live through the devastation it’s causing in our economy. The latest report is that 31% of New Jersey small businesses have shut their doors showing that the economy is worse here than elsewhere in the US where the estimate is 17% of restaurants are now closed for good.

Hundreds of thousands are still out of work in NJ and there is no end in sight. What’s more telling is that the fear of the virus is starting to abate as a reported 74% of New Jerseyans are refusing to cooperate with contact tracers. Seems that more people than we originally thought are coming out of the COVID-fog and realizing that no amount of lockdown policy or mask mandates will stop the spread of this virus. Even in Sweden, it’s important to understand that compared to severe lockdown countries, they are actually over-performing.

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Bill Spadea
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