N.J.’s percentage of kids stuck remote learning is way higher than its neighbors

By Matt Rooney

We’re always grateful to the Woke Zombie for breaking down some of the important data, stats, a under-explored information pertaining to New Jersey’s COVID-19 experience.

Today, she took a look at how the state is doing relative to its neighbors in the all-important category of getting kids BACK into the classrooms where they can actually learn, develop, and not regress into socially-inept zombies.

You guessed it: we’re trailing all of our immediate neighbors thanks to the NJEA and its servant governor, Phil Murphy.

Only Maryland (where Larry Hogan continues to be a major disappointment) has a lower percentage of kids actually in the classroom (5.41%) than New Jersey (57.62%). NY/PA/CT/DE are all well ahead of us…



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