Phil Murphy bears most of the blame for dropping N.J. vaccine demand

Phil Murphy bears most of the blame for dropping N.J. vaccine demand

Vaccine demand is beginning to drop in New Jersey, folks, and the Media is predictably framing it as YOUR fault. It’s a significant change from a couple of months ago when our politicians insisted supply was the problem (in other words, please blame the Orange Man). So now the blame game is underway.

You and I both know who’s really to blame: Philip Dunton Murphy.

It’s really pretty simple.

Yes, the vaccine rollout was terrible.

Yes, there were always going to be some people who didn’t want to be vaccinated.

Yes, the recent Johnson and Johnson storyline didn’t help, and the Biden Administration owns that.

The proximate problem lies with Murphy’s anti-science, arbitrary, politically-motivated Covid-19 restrictions. The ongoing mask mandates, ridiculously low capacity limits for businesses and events, and other draconian measures which should’ve gone away MONTHS ago (if they ever should’ve been in place at all) have removed any incentive for many people to get vaccinated.

Just this week, Murphy told reporters his OUTDOOR mask mandate wasn’t going anywhere.

Where’s the science behind that? Naturally, Murphy isn’t saying what number, metric, indicator or the variable needs to move to make it happen.

So why get vaccinated? If “normal” is never coming? Or, at the very least, the man making all the unilateral decisions won’t tell you? And I say this as someone who made the personal decision to get the vaccine. I’m not anti-vaccine.

I am anti-arbitrary rule, and as the latest vaccination numbers prove, Phil Murphy’s autocratic style of governance ultimately succeeds only in destroying confidence in the system and the “science” Murphy says he supports.