Malinowski doubles down on Russia bounty story lie

Malinowski doubles down on Russia bounty story lie

When is calling out Rep. Tom Malinowski (D, NJ-07) for having run with a disproven Russian bounty story, Save Jerseyans? You know it’s pretty egregious.

The Biden Administration announced last month that the woke-ified CIA had “low to moderate confidence” in the intelligence behind the story.

But Malinowski isn’t backing down!

“Area GOP doubles down on argument that Democrats were overzealous in protecting our troops. No apologies from me there,” Malinowski tweeted on Sunday. “I just wonder why they take criticism of Russia so personally?”

“Apparently, Malinowski’s promise to stand against misinformation doesn’t apply to conspiracy theories and debunked disinformation he spread for his own political advantage,” fired back Congressional Leadership Fund Communications Director Calvin Moore. “If Tom Malinowski had any shred of integrity, he’d apologize, delete his posts and make clear he was in error. But we won’t hold our breath.”

Years of news organizations like make it easy for liars like Tom Malinowski to believe, rightly or wrongly, that lying is a consequence-free proposition.

Only real journalism – sustained, over time – will change their minds and restore accountability to our political process.