Malinowski tells the Media one thing (and potential donors another) regarding his stock trades

Malinowski tells the Media one thing (and potential donors another) regarding his stock trades

I think it’s difficult for habitual liars to stop lying, Save Jerseyans. 

Consider Congressman Tom Malinowski (D, NJ-07) who’s been caught hiding millions of dollars in stock trades, a significant portion of which were pandemic-related. It’s a big, big problem for the incumbent’s reelection campaign especially when you consider that he won reelection in 2020 by only a few thousand votes.

Now Malinowski is communicating with two sets of folks who are important to his reelection effort – the Media and potential donors – and giving them two VERY different messages.

Both the original scathing AP story and an attempt by’s Tom Moran to cover Malinowski’s butt contain self-effacing quotes from Malinowski; he told the AP it was “a mistake that I own 100%.” 

“I brought this on myself by not setting up a blind trust the day I was sworn in,” Malinowski told Moran after the fact.

That’s not quite an apology – not even close – but it’s not exactly a protestation of innocence either!

Than I received a Malinowski fundraising blast email on Wednesday morning. The email signed by Malinowski fundraising director Brooke Zindulka dismisses the AP story as aother “vile lie” spread by the Congressman’s right-wing enemies. The AP is right wing??? That’s news to me!

The meat of the e-mail:

“Here’s the truth:

  • Tom has been a leader in the global fight against corruption for his entire career, and has always demanded transparency from our elected officials and accountability to the people he proudly serves.

  • President Obama’s ethics czar, Norm Eisen, looked at the facts and concluded that Tom did nothing wrong, while commending him for the additional steps he’s taken to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

Forget the nonsense about him fighting corruption all over the world like Batman or whatever for a moment.

Which is it, Brooke?

Did Tom (#1) “do nothing wrong” or did he (#2) make a “mistake” which he is ready to “100%” own? It’s unclear to me why someone would need to own a “mistake” if they did nothing wrong.

A vile lie? Or he got caught and he feels bad?

Like I said, folks: this is the problem with liars. They don’t know when to stop.