ROONEY: Biden, Murphy working overtime to make the next 9/11 a certainty

ROONEY: Biden, Murphy working overtime to make the next 9/11 a certainty

As we reflect upon the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Save Jerseyans, you’re going to hear a lot of things from a million people. That’s to be expected on a major anniversary particularly when emotions are justifiably running extremely high. In my humble opinion, I think there’s only one public policy question which deserves your reflection today:

Are we doing justice by the nearly 3,000 who died on that fateful day? Including 750 New Jerseyans? As well as the military members who died to advance the war against our countrymen’s murderers and terror enablers abroad?

Spoiler alert: the answer is no, and the buck stops with our current crop of “leaders.”

Joe Biden’s folly in Afghanistan is self-evident. Regardless of whether you think the war in Afghanistan should still be on or should’ve never happened in the first place, public opinion is overwhelmingly arrayed against Biden’s execution of the withdrawal. He wanted a political “win,” ignored the available intelligence, and retreated in a backassward fashion that killed 13 service members, abandoned thousands of allies, handed billions of dollars in equipment to the regime responsible for 9/11/01 (!), admitted refugees to our shores without proper vetting, handed control of valuable resources to China, and gave our allies substantive reason to doubt our committment to our own word.

In short, it was a true “disaster” in every sense of the word. And lest we forget… and there’s still an ongoing hostage situation as of this writing.

Afghanistan is now once again a fully-functional terror incubator where enemies of this country can recruit, launder money, train and plan future assaults.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is alive at Gitmo.

Ayman Zawahiri is… who knows?

Over 66,000 Afghan security forces members are in their graves (or worse). 

Meanwhile, back here in New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy decided that the 9/11 anniversary year was the right time to grant licenses to illegal aliens. 9/11 was made possible in large part because terrorist hijackers found it was super easy to obtain driver’s licenses. Guided by wokeness and political expediency rather than common sense, the Democrat incumbent (Murphy) in a state that lost 750 souls on September 11th somehow thought it was a good idea to make it EVEN EASIER for bad actors to get them. The REAL ID enforcement deadline keeps getting pushed back, and the next major attack gets a little more possible by the day.

Coupled with the Murphy Administration’s avalanche of “reforms” designed to tie police officers’ hands? And restrictions on local and state authorities’ ability to work with federal law enforcement? It can rightly be said that Murphy and his crew either didn’t learn anything from 9/11 or simply don’t give a shit. 

Remember: many of the 9/11 hijackers were hiding “in plain sight” in North Jersey. Phil Murphy’s rules make it easier to do today than it was back on September 10, 2001. With thousands of poorly-vetted Afghan refugees now housed at Fort Dix, Murphy’s regime is looking more reckless by the minute.

It’s undeniable for all but the most ardent far-Left hacks: President Biden and Governor Murphy are incomprehensibly working overtime to make the next generation of hijackers’ job terrifyingly easy. Without a dramatic course correction – and soon – the next September 11th is now only a matter of time, and those of us with long memories will know exactly who to blame. Our dead, their families, and everyone who will be a victim in the next assault deserve better.