Citing Memphis, N.J. Democrats shelve bill to increase penalties for assaulting cops

The death of Tyre Nichols has reignited a debate over policing at a time when crime is a leading concern of many American, Save Jerseyans.

Most people believe it’s possible to hold law enforcement accountable (as we should hold any public servants accountable) without subjecting them to harm or making it impossible to execute their core duties (keeping the public safe). Democrats obviously continue to have trouble with this superficially simple concept because their base is unapologetically anti-cop. 

Exhibit A:

On Monday, Senate Law and Public Safety Committee Chairwoman Linda Greenstein shelved her own bill (co-sponsored with Vin Gopal) to increase the penalties associated with assaulting a police officer


Should we worry about the sensitivities of someone who isn’t alarmed by assaults committed against police officers?

“Today’s decision by New Jersey Senate Democrats to halt legislation that cracks down on violent criminals shows that their newfound agenda to curb crime is one big facade and that their commitment to supporting law enforcement is solely a function of which way the political winds are blowing on a given day,” said Republican State Leadership Committee National Press Secretary Stephanie Rivera. “The people of New Jersey  have had enough of rising crime in their state as a result of failed Democrat policies and this November will support Republicans who refuse to play politics with public safety.”

We wish Democrats the best as they attempt to sort all of this out. Tying oneself in a knot to appease a radical base without coming right out and admitting you’re appeasing criminals must be exhausting!

Matt Rooney
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