Are 20% of Gen Z’ers really LGBTQ?

Gallup dropped some new survey results on Wednesday and turned some heads in the process, Save Jerseyans:

Among other findings, the polling outfit’s survey of America’s sexuality found 7.2% of Americans overall identifying as some version of LGBTQ+-%, etc. (up from 3.5% in 2012), but Generation Z is definitely throwing the curve. A full 19.7% of the newest adult generation claims to be L, or G, or B, or T, or something else on the Alphabet scale; by contrast, 3.3% of Generation X members identify as non-straight.

Why are so many Generation Z’ers gay?

The Media narrative is predictable; increased acceptance to alternative lifestyles has liberated more Americans to “let their freak flag fly” and live the life of their choosing. Baby Boomers has a different experience growing up.

I’m not so easily convinced. While changing attitudes undoubtedly plays some role here, it might be notable that the real jump isn’t in gay or lesbian or even transgender identity in terms of raw numbers but bisexuality. For example, from the Millennials to Generation Z, the uptick in Lesbian affiliation was only 1.5% to 2.2% (it was 0.5% of Generation X members). Not a major change but a slight uptick which likely corresponds with changing attitudes.

Bisexuality is a diferent story: a full 13.1% of Gen Z’ers say they go both ways compared to 6.9% of Millennials and 1.6% of Gen X’ers.

Did a huge percentage of young men, for instance – nearly 19-times more than the Baby Boomer male cohort – genuinely decide they’re into dudes? That seems like quite an evolution in a relatively short space in time. Or is something else going on here? Remember: the Left works overtime to not just earn acceptance for non-straight youth but also advocate for the lifestyle in entertainment, classrooms, and everywhere else where the young consume information. Being something other than straight (a
plus” of one kind or the other) is “in” right now. Negative pressure is also at work; there’s even a movement afoot to label those who DON’T go both ways “bigots.”

Nah. For someone in their 20s, I think telling a friend, colleague, or pollster that you go both ways is becoming an acceptable way to stand out and, in some contexts, a virtue-signal of your openness to socially-accepted woke ideas concerning reality.

I consider myself lucky that I got out of college when I did. Changing one’s sexuality on a dime to appease your peers is a helluva social costs for acceptance! Being able to crush a beer can on one’s head use to suffice.

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