Find Your Outside Voice and Let ‘er Rip!

What child hasn’t been told by an embarrassed parent to “use your inside voice” when the situation called for it? Only in the safety of a playground, ballfield, or backyard was permission granted to use their “outside voice.”

Well, my friend, it’s “outside voice time” in America!

On November 3, 1969, President Richard Nixon gave a primetime address to the country in an attempt to rally support for his Vietnam War policies. Having recently recalled more than 60,000 U.S. troops from Vietnam, Nixon was adamant that the remaining American forces would not be withdrawn until a peace settlement could be reached or the South Vietnamese could adequately defend themselves.

Facing increased antiwar sentiment and widespread protests, Mr. Nixon called on the nation’s “silent majority” to support his efforts to achieve “peace with honor.” And, according to a post-speech Gallup poll, 77% of Americans did exactly that. In addition, more than 300 congressmen and 40 senators cosponsored resolutions that backed the president.

And yet, within four years, the United States withdrew its last soldiers from that war-torn country… and Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, fell two years later. What happened from 1969 to 1973 that precipitated such a drastic turn of events?

Simply put, the silent majority remained silent.

My purpose in writing this article is not to relitigate the Vietnam War or America’s military involvement in Southeast Asia. On the contrary, I simply want to demonstrate how – by remaining silent and refusing to speak up – the majority of our citizenry can forfeit its political power and be controlled and manipulated by a vocal minority.

Fast forward to 2023. Polls continue to show that the vast majority of Americans think that it’s absolutely crazy and blatantly unfair to allow men who self-identify as women to compete against female athletes. And yet, it continues to happen on the high school and collegiate levels. Look no further than William Thomas, the 462nd ranked male collegiate swimmer in the country in 2021. However, he reinvented himself as Lia Thomas and finished first in the 500-yard freestyle at the 2022 NCAA women’s swimming championships. Seeing him (not her) accepting the gold medal while towering over the second and third place finishers was nauseating to me and millions of Americans.

The same goes for permitting male inmates who self-identify as women to be housed in female prisons. But guess what? That is happening, too… which is why we shouldn’t be surprised to see female inmates being impregnated by male inmates, some of whom were convicted and imprisoned for sexual assault.

And then there is the push to deny medical attention to babies who survive an abortion and are delivered alive. It is hard to imagine such barbaric practices being legalized in a civilized nation, but we stand on the precipice of such an abomination.

Welcome to Bizarro World!

That phrase was introduced by DC Comics in the 1960s and depicted a cube-shaped planet named “Htrae” (Earth spelled backwards) where everything is opposite. In fact, the Bizarro Code states that, “Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!”

My friend, unless and until America’s silent majority finds it’s outside voice and starts shouting “Stop the Insanity!” from the rooftops, we can expect more of the same liberal lunacy. And we must not stop there. We must also vote Progressive ideologues out of office and replace them with clear-eyed candidates with common sense and a firm grasp on reality.

Likewise, public schools and colleges must be denied public funding if they continue to insist on promulgating liberal lies and Progressive propaganda. Hit them where it hurts… in the pocketbook!

If you truly love America – and your children and grandchildren – remaining silent is no longer an option. Get your head out of the sand… and your face out of your smartphone… and do something before it’s too late.

Find your outside voice and let ‘er rip!

Dale Glading
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Dale Glading is an ordained minister and former N.J. Republican candidate for Congress.