LD24: Space resurrects Trump dissing Lonegan in new ad

During the tumult of the 2016 primary season, Steve Lonegan helped lead an effort to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination at the convention. It obviously went nowhere and Lonegan later became a Trump supporter along with many former Trump detractors, but his LD24 Senate opponent wants to make Lonegan own his seven-year old remarks.

Parker Space highlighted Trump’s slap-back at Lonegan in a new ad dropped Friday titled “Loser,” a reference to the former Bogota mayor and AFP-NJ leader’s many unsuccessful electoral efforts.

“I’ve known Lonegan for 25 years in New Jersey,” Trump declared in a 2016 pre-convention Fox News interview. “The guy’s a loud mouth guy. Lonegan’s lost seven elections. He’s always lost. He’s a loser. He’s always lost. He’s never gotten anywhere. Check his record.”

Lonegan, for his part, had referred to the “irresponsible, reckless irrationality of Donald Trump” in an NBC interview, adding that “[t]he threat to the Republican Party is Trump.”

Space and Lonegan will participate in the first major skirmish of the nominating process on Saturday night at the Morris GOP’s county convention.

Matt Rooney
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