Woman arrested for voting in FL and NJ in 2020

They love to degrade anyone who diputes the existence of voter fraud, Save Jerseyans, but examples continue to crop up including in our own backyard.

Here’s a particularly disturbing example brought to you by vote-by-mail:

On Monday, Donna Prentes Brady was one of three individuals arrested pursuant to an investigation by Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement as part of Governor Ron DeSantis’s crackdown on voter fraud. The 66-year-old Ocala, Florida resident is charged with two counts of casting more than a single ballot in a single election which, in the Sunshine State is a third-degree felony carrying potentially serious penalties.

“Brady voted in both the 2020 state primary and general elections in Florida and New Jersey,” the FDLE explained. “In both elections, she voted in person in Marion County while voting by mail in Sussex County, New Jersey.”

According to the New Jersey Globe, Brady participated in the 2020 Democrat primary.

Brady remains incarcerated in Florida awaiting trial.


Matt Rooney
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