REPORT: Murphy couple blew almost $500k in tax dollars on opulent furnishings

The recently-concluded $283 million State House renovation cost taxpayers a pretty penny, Save Jerseyans, and nearly $500,000 went towards opulent furnishings for New Jersey’s first couple according to a new report.

“Opulent” is an understatement.

Furnishing the Governor’s and First Lady’s offices turned into a spending spree that would’ve made the House of Bourbon’s most extravagant rulers blush. Three rugs cost a combined $217,420 (!!!). A single sofa set us back $7,256, three rooms’ worth of curtains cost $66,700, the price tag for two desk was $31,100, and a pair of chairs came in at $10,600.

While the recently-concluded State House project is years in the making, this particular story comes to light right as the U.S. economy appears to be slowing and numbers New Jersey school districts incurred deep budget cuts.

“I understand the State House is a historic building, but did the Murphy administration really have to spend nearly a quarter-million dollars on antique rugs?” said state Senator Ed Durr (R-3). “It sends the wrong message to taxpayers for Governor Murphy to spend lavishly on decorating his office while he’s simultaneously proposing to slash State aid to schools and towns across New Jersey.”

“While the governor enjoys his opulent furnishings, teachers are being fired, students are falling further behind, and property tax bills are rising,” added Durr. “It may look good in his office, but it’s not a good look for Governor Murphy.”

Matt Rooney
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