Author: Kevin Tober

KEVIN TOBER is a Young Republican activist with a passion for limited government and the Constitution. When he isn't pounding the pavement for Republican candidates from one end of the state to the other as an operative or tracker, he is reading books on politics and our founders or watching Fox News. He hopes one day to run a presidential campaign.

Blockbuster jobs numbers help explain Democrats’ impeachment preoccupation | Tober

By Kevin Tober _ The news just keeps getting better, Save Jerseyans! Which means bad news for Impeachment obsessed Democrats. – The BLS just announced on Friday that the economy has added a massive 266,000 jobs in November, drastically exceeding Read More

House Democrats are wasting our time with their show trials | Tober

By Kevin Tober _ Our country is $22 trillion dollars in debt, our health care system is imploding (Thanks Obamacare), the recently renegotiated North American trade deal (USMCA) is sitting on Pelosi’s desk awaiting ratification, and our infrastructure system that Read More