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CLAIM: Jersey Girl Kellyanne Conway socked rowdy reveler at Trump Inaugural

This story is amazing in every way.  Fox Business star Charlie Gasparino – a strong Trump supporter – says he witnessed some crazy stuff at last week’s inauguration festivities, Save Jerseyans, including a few haymaker punches delivered by none other Read More

These Are Some Of The Craziest Signs From The Women’s March

Hundreds of thousands of protesters descended on Washington, D.C., Saturday for the Women’s March against President Donald Trump. The men and women wearing bright pink “pussy hats” carried a variety of signs to protest Trump, inequality, the environment, Black Lives Read More

INAUGURATION CROWD RECAP: Sore Losers Spreading Fake News To Make Themselves Feeeeeel Better

In case you missed it, Save Jerseyans, there are photos circulating on social media of what appears to be a side-by-side view of the crowds during Obama’s 2009 inauguration and Trump’s 2017 inauguration. Liberals are attempting to make themselves feel better about the Read More

President Trump Delivers Inaugural Address with Message of Unity and Patriotism

President Trump’s Inaugural Address: ‘America First!’ (Image via Twitter) After being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump delivered an inaugural address with a strong message of unity. He spoke of his victory in the Read More

Guadagno Congratulates President Trump, Celebrates “Peaceful Transition of Power”

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (R-N.J.) offered the following statement on Friday following Donald Trump‘s inauguration as America’s 45th president: Regardless of your politics, today represents the best of American Democracy as both sides come together to celebrate the peaceful transition Read More

OBAMA’S LEGACY: 8 Years, 3,000 Regulations And 8 Trillion In Debt

President Obama’s time in the White House is ended, and after eight years, his administration has imposed more than 3,000 regulations and added nearly $8 trillion to the national debt. Obama started his presidency on a wave of optimism, working Read More

Black Lives Matter activists crash checkpoint to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration

Protesters descended on Washington, D.C. Friday morning, intent on forming blockades to prevent access to Inauguration Day security checkpoints. Carrying a banner that read “the future is feminist,” protesters could be seen locking arms to form a human barrier at Read More