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N.J. state workers will receive retroactive pay from July shutdown

TRENTON, N.J. – Governor Chris Christie signed S3422/A18 on Tuesday, amending the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget to give furloughed state employees retroactive salary payments for this July’s shut down. “This bill justly reinstates the pay lost by our hard-working rank and Read More

More Bad News: Study finds New Jersey’s fiscal condition is the WORST of all 50 states

The ugly keeps getting uglier, Save Jerseyans, and there’s no let-up in sight. On Tuesday, one week after New Jersey government reopened from a budget impasse-fueled shutdown, the nationally-respected Mercatus Center down at George Mason University released its state fiscal Read More

NEW POLL: 6% Needed Profanity to Express Their Opinion of Christie’s #NJShutdown ‘Beach Day’

The #NJShutdown verdict is in, Save Jerseyans, and it ain’t pretty for Chris Christie (or anyone in Trenton for that matter). Overall, somewhat more people blame him for the recent state shutdown than the legislature according to Monmouth University’s polling Read More

EXCLUSIVE: N.J. Employees Advised to Apply for Unemployment Benefits Following 3-Day Shutdown

Updated 7/6/27 at 1:51 p.m. New Jersey’s state shutdown lasted for three full days, Save Jerseyans, meaning that most state workers missed one day of work (at most) heading into the July 4th holiday. But guess what? According to our Read More

You’ve Worn Me Out

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog It’s official, Save Jerseyans. I’m exhausted and it’s your fault. Not all of you, of course. Not even a majority of you. But there’s a strong plurality out there in this blog’s ever-expanding online audience Read More