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Meet the Snake Who Killed Hundreds of N.J. Jobs

The facts speak for themselves once you get past the hysteria. Do your homework: Each Wal-Mart superstore can employee several hundred (or more) employees, Save Jerseyans, depending upon its size. These stores provide employment opportunities and affordable goods particularly in areas Read More

N.J. Senator: When Did Animals Become More Important Than Children?

State Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-Essex, Morris, Passaic) can’t be blamed for scratching his head after the New Jersey legislature moved to ban the declawing of cats. To him? He’s a question of priorities. “When did animals become more important than unborn children?” Senator Read More

Houghtaling votes to ban cat declawing

photo courtesy of Freya’s Cat Resuce Freshman Assemlyman Eric Houghtaling wants to ban New Jersey veterinarians from declawing cats. The assemblyman from Neptune Township is a member of the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. The committee passed bill A3899, Read More

Sorry, N.J., but it’s a bear. You’ve got bigger problems. Get over it.

In an age dominated by Internet celebrity, hashtag-activism and 24-hour fads, Save Jerseyans, it should surprise no one that our great state’s current obsession isn’t with the most consequential presidential election in a generation, domestic ISIS infiltration or oppressive taxation. Read More