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NJ-03: Andy Kim is lying about corporate cash in his new TV ad

By Matt Rooney _ Well, I’ll give the guy credit for having brass ones. On Thursday, pro-tax hike House candidate Andy Kim (D-District of Columbia) dropped a new television spot titled “Service” which, if you know anything about Congressman Tom Read More

The problem isn’t Phil Murphy’s money but rather what he’ll do with ours

The problem isn’t how Murphy spends his own money. The problem is what he intends to do with ours. We should celebrate the success that permits Phil Murphy to reside in a house the size of a county with a Read More

SHOCK: Study Finds Discipline, Not Money, Makes Students Do Better

A study found that discipline, not money, is the best indicator of school performance. “Monetary investment in education is not sufficient to boost educational performance,” said Associate Professor Chris Baumann, a co-author of the study, which was featured in the Read More

Valentine’s Day Is Basically Just A Huge Wealth Transfer From Men To Women

The average American will spend nearly $200 on their significant other or special someone this Valentine’s Day. Total U.S. spending on Valentine’s Day this year is expected to amount to $18.2 billion, a 7.6 percent drop from the $19.7 billion Read More

Keep Your 12-12-12 Concert and We’ll Keep Our Cash?

I enjoy Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel as much as the next guy, Save Jerseyans. But here’s a politically incorrect and entirely accurate observation: New Jersey and New York taxpayers sent over $314 billion to the federal government in 2011 Read More

Rob Andrews and Ron Paul Ranked Among Congress’s ‘Most Corrupt’

Today a public interest group based in Washington, DC known as CREW (Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington) released a list of the ‘most corrupt’ members of Congress. Two interesting names that topped the list were Texas Congressman Ron Paul Read More

Gallagher: The Folly of Campaign Finance Laws

Cross-Posted at MoreMonmouthMusings.net Over the holiday weekend Politickernj and The Star Ledger  caught up with the good work that MMM contributor Harold Kane did last September in shedding light on political spending in Middlesex County. Like Kane, Politikernj and The Star Ledger framed their articles as Read More