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Murphy and Gottheimer’s charity tax deduction idea is both lazy and stupid

Governor-elect Phil Murphy and his Democrat allies — including Josh Gottheimer (D, NJ-05) — have latched onto every possible hairbrained response to GOP federal tax reform, and the new $10,000 cap on SALT deductions, EXCEPT the most logical reaction: lowering Read More

Christie orders N.J. towns to accept 2018 property tax prepayments

Governor Chris Christie is is permitting all New Jerseyans to pay their 2018 property taxes in advance, before new federal tax laws take effect on January 1st. Executive Order No. 237 specifically directs New Jersey’s Director of the Division of Local Government to instruct municipalities Read More

There are cheaper ways to commit financial suicide than voting for Phil Murphy

FYI, for my fellow N.J. property taxpayers regardless of party affiliation: There are much cheaper ways to commit financial suicide this fall than voting for Phil Murphy for governor on Tuesday. Purchase a leaky boat? Buy a timeshare in Newark? Read More

O’Scanlon: Gopal lacks credibility on property taxes

By Declan O’Scanlon Democratic state Senate candidate Vin Gopal, in his Aug. 20 oped “Consolidate small towns,” extolled the virtues of municipal consolidation as if he were presenting a new, fresh approach to the concept. An honest reading of his Read More

Murphy says he’ll only tax the rich. History tells a different story.

Wonk time. This is the record made by the parties, assessed by the annual increases in property taxes: 2002 McGreevey 7.0% 2003 McGreevey 7.6% 2004 McGreevey/Codey 6.5% 2005 Codey 6.5% 2006 Corzine 6.9% 2007 Corzine 5.8% 2008 Corzine 4.9% 2009 Read More

Here’s what your next governor had to say about property taxes, Jersey jobs

MOUNT LAUREL — In dueling speeches at a Chamber of Commerce event Wednesday, New Jersey’s top gubernatorial hopefuls pitched their plans to boost the state’s economy to the business community. Democrat Phil Murphy and GOP Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno discussed Read More