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Call It Whatever You Want, But It’s Not “Capitalism”

Twinkie is gone, Save Jerseyans, and the labor unions responsible for artificially inflating labor rates are blaming capitalism… the same system that once allowed these great American companies like Hostess to develop and expand.   Something has gone horribly wrong in America. When the country was much Read More

New Jersey’s Ballot Question #1 is a Big Labor Stimulus Package

Two weeks ago, Save Jerseyans, I laid out my case against New Jersey’s Ballot Question #1. I summarized the suspect intent of this horrendous referendum’s framers as follows: At best, it mistakenly seeks to cure a symptom in lieu of Read More

Flashback: For New Jersey’s Unions, It’s a Scalp or Irrelevance on November 8th

Historically low voter turnout on November 8th means virtually anything is possible, Save Jerseyans. A well-organized “off-year” campaign can be expected, within reason, to overcome significant voter registration and campaign finance disadvantages by mobilizing and turning out their superiorly-enthusiastic base Read More