Booker Up Big Over Dem Field, Lonegan

Booker Up Big Over Dem Field, Lonegan

Quinnipiac Poll: “Unless the sky falls, Booker can start looking for a Washington apartment”

By Art Gallagher |

Booker Senate AdNewark Mayor Cory Booker will be New Jersey’s next U.S. Senator if the results of the Quinnipiac poll of likely voters released this morning hold true through October 16.

Booker is leading Congressman Frank Pallone by 54%-17% in the August 13 Democratic primary with Congressman Rush Holt garnering support from 15% of the respondents and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver with 5%.  65% of Democratic voters say their choice is firm.  8% are undecided.


10 thoughts on “Booker Up Big Over Dem Field, Lonegan

  1. Unfortunately it probably is. This guy is an empty suit but he´s a popular black Democrat in New Jersey, which apparently is more important than the fact he is basically a communist.

  2. Another Joisey Jerk Off……keep voting for asswads there Joisey….your grandchildren will grow up to be fine Americans, Christians ….and SOUTHERNERS! Another FAILED LIBERAL BLACK EMPTY SUIT!

  3. Simple TV Commercial……NEWARK…..MEMPHIS….DETROIT….This is Booker´s Promise to New Jersey. And if they call you a "Racist"…screw em. Their metrics as a people are that of FAILUTE. When Newark High Schools have DAY CARE for the babies of the students, THAT is enough to tell you of Cory Booker´s Legacy as another failed liberal black mayor of yet another failed liberal black city!

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