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Lonegan TV Ad: “Corrupt Liberal Failure”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Buoyed by the news that the race to beat Cory Booker may’ve significantly tightened down the stretch, the Lonegan for U.S. Senate campaign is launching a new TV commercial of the 2013 cycle:

This is the fifth Lonegan TV spot this year, Save Jerseyans; I’m told it’s going up in the next 24 hours on certain cable stations and in some targeted subsections of the NYC broadcast market.

The ad’s aggressive tenor is consistent with a recent batch of radio ads released by the campaign.

4 comments on “Lonegan TV Ad: “Corrupt Liberal Failure”

  1. Attacking your opponent by calling him liberal in a traditionally liberal blue state that hasn't elected a republican to the senate since 1972 is completely asinine and foolish. Just goes to show why Lonegan is a failure as a politician outside of Bogota.

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