Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018
Category: Phil Murphy

NJ-03: Was this labor union’s MacArthur endorsement timed to irk Murphy?

CLARK, N.J. — Maybe, Save Jerseyans. Just maybe. The New Jersey State Building & Construction Trades Council endorsed Phil Murphy last year. The powerful building trades union also backed Tom MacArthur in both of his previous House races in the 3rd Congressional District, so there’s nothing about the union’s Tuesday endorsement announcement of MacArthur that’s […]

NJ-11: DeNeufville focuses on Murphy, state issues

CHATHAM, N.J. — Peter DeNeufville is a bit of a long-shot for the spring’s 11th Congressional District GOP nomination. He’s trying to make up for his late entry (and lack of institutional support) by directing his latest attacks not at presumptive Democrat nominee Mikie Sherrill or the other Republican candidates but Governor Phil Murphy. “The […]

Murphy Democrats Give Millennials Another Reason to Leave New Jersey

By: Alex Cucciniello  _ As if millennials and other young people needed more reasons to flee New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy is about to give them another one. He is ready to sign legislation recreating the Obamacare health insurance penalty that President Trump and the Republican Congress gratefully freed us from. The legislation is backed […]

Another Poll: Apathy for Phil Murphy at 37%

TRENTON, N.J. — At this point? Ignorance is bliss for New Jersey voters. For now at least. According to the results of a new Morning Consult survey, only 37% approve of Governor Phil Murphy (D-N.J.) while 33% disapprove. However, a full 30% registered no opinion. That’s the 14th worst net approval (approve vs. disapprove) of […]

POLL: N.J. is lukewarm on Murphy (but they’re also not paying attention to him)

WEST LONG BRANCH, N.J. — Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s polling position could be a lot worse, Save Jerseyans, but the results of a poll released Wednesday suggest there’s room for both improvement as well as electoral danger. The numbers: 44% approve of Murphy’s job performance while 28% disapprove. 28% have no opinion.  There’s a partisan split […]

VIDEO: Subsidizing Lawyers for Illegals in Over-Taxed New Jersey?

By The Staff _ Phil Murphy aims to give illegal immigrants FREE legal aid with your money, Save Jerseyans. $2.1 million for FY 2019 is the initial investment. One popular estimate places New Jersey’s illegal immigrant population at 500,000. Save Jersey contributor Katie Cericola explains why Governor Murphy’s latest hyper-political plan is more than a little insulting […]

You’re Paying For Tammy Murphy’s $13,000 Door

TRENTON, N.J. – Less than three months into his gubernatorial tenure, Phil Murphy (D-N.J.) has acknowledged New Jersey’s dire fiscal condition but continues to spend like it’s a new Gilded Age. A massively expensive “free” college plan, unveiled Thursday, is one of the more extreme examples. Something less large-scale? But no less gross for it? Also […]

Phil Murphy’s expensive wind power push is (still) a lot of hot air

By Matt Rooney _ Phil Murphy doubled-down on his wind power fantasy on Wednesday, Save Jerseyans, telling the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum in Princeton (which might be the most liberal string of words ever written, together, on this web site) that he’s bringing in a Danish off-shore wind company (close second) to open an office […]

Murphy’s budget: $2.1M in tax dollars for illegal immigrants’ legal fees

TRENTON, N.J. — As New Jerseyans continue to unpack Phil Murphy’s reckless inaugural budget, Save Jerseyans, it’s increasingly clear that the billions in waste is not just massive in scale but also disproportionately benefiting non-Americans and continuing to further the Democrat Governor’s questionable priorities. “The Governor will support New Jersey residents against Washington attacks by allocating […]