Murphy defends Kamala the “icon” on CBS

Less than 40% of Americans approve of Kamala Harris, Save Jerseyans, and I hardly think you can blame them. I certainly can’t (I’m one of them). She’s dumber than a bag of hammers.

Phil Murphy can’t really like her. After all, they might be competitiors for the Democrat nomination in 2028 (or 2024 if Joe’s handlers decide that all of the scotch tape and Vitamin B shots in the world can’t keep their man upright through the fall).

On Sunday, Murphy dawned a diplomatic face for CBS and praised Kamala as “an icon” because she’s… not white? And a woman?

“Nikki Haley in particular has focused in on the Vice President, Kamala Harris, in a lot of her rhetoric, and she’s done it as a way of pointing to President Biden’s age. The RNC is posting, frequently, clips from her speeches, flubs, they are really taking aim at her,” explained host Margaret Brennan. “Why do you think Republicans have calculated it is a good strategy, and that the Vice President makes Democrats vulnerable?

“I mean, this is a classic us versus them playbook, that the- unfortunately, the other party too often than not wheels out. And it’s frankly offensive,” replied Murphy. “She is an icon. She is an icon in the South Asian community, in the African American community, among millions of women in this country. I frankly think it’s offensive and I think at the end of the day, it’s a losing strategy. Folks want to focus on the- the strength of our country, the Biden Harris team has delivered 13 million jobs, over 50- it’s been over 50 years since unemployment has stayed this low, under 4 percent. The investment in infrastructure, the investment in communities, at the end of the day, the record will win out.”

The “jobs” that were simply replaced, of course, NOT “created” after Murphy and his fellow blue state governors destroyed them in lockdowns…

Here he is:

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