Lawsuit claims: Tammy Murphy wouldn’t let nursing State Trooper pump during breaks

Queen Tammy is a peerless hypocrite, Save Jerseyans.

The latest egregious example: according to The New York Times, Governor Murphy’s wife (best known for a $13,000 office door) stands accused of discriminating against a nursing member of the New Jersey State Police. 

Specifically, per the NYT, the “suit claims that Ms. Murphy refused to permit a State Police trooper assigned to protect her to use a carriage house at the family’s riverside estate in Middletown, N.J., to pump breast milk during breaks.” To make matters worse, the suit alleges that “[t]he first lady told the woman’s supervisor, who runs the State Police unit that guards Gov. Philip D. Murphy and his family, that ‘it was not encouraged because of optics by guests who may be on the premises.'”

Shocked? Remember who we’re dealing with:

Keep all of this in mind the next time either of them crows about defending “women’s rights” in New Jersey.

Outside abortion access? I’m unaware of anything Phil Murphy or his wife have positively accomplished for any woman not named Tammy.

Matt Rooney
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