MURPHY GOES FULL GROOMER: Says your kids (and their sexuality) are his biz, but not yours!

The Hanover, New Jersey school policy wouldn’t have been “controversial” even just a few short years ago. The goal: compel teachers to inform parents about their child’s sexual orientation. If your daughter Bella went by “Barry” at school and liked girls, shouldn’t you have a right to know? Regardless of how one feels about LGBTQ+ as a concept generally?

Phil Murphy disagrees (obviously), and a Superior Court judge intervened on Friday to block the district’s requirement. The pro-groomer Masshole who made your kids need therapy after a prolonged, unnecessary lockdown now wants to exclude you from your own child’s most personal struggles.

It’s naked state-enforced grooming, Save Jerseyans, and when our friend Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26) spoke out, New Jersey’s Groomer-in-Chief (Murphy) slapped back with predictable Leftist talking points.

“Sorry, @JayWebberNJ, but requiring school staff to “out” LGBTQ+ students to their parents is wrong,” Murphy tweeted. “Coming out is a personal decision. We won’t allow government-mandated “outing” that puts the health of our young people at risk.”

No @GovMurphy, keeping secrets about kids from their parents is the stuff of authoritarians & shouldn’t be tolerated,” countered Webber. “Not your call on what parents get to know about their kids.”

Meanwhile, the Hanover School District didn’t take the court loss lying down and vowed to continue pressing its case in court.

“Contrary to the Attorney General’s statement, the Board’s Policy requires that parents be informed of “any facts or circumstances that may have a material impact on the student’s physical and/or mental health, safety and/or social/emotional well-being and includes a non-exclusive, broad range of examples ranging from peer pressure, anxiety, intimidation and familial/cultural challenges to “sexual activity, sexuality, sexual orientation, transitioning, gender identity or expression….,” the District explained in a press release following the judge’s ruling. “The Board’s Parental Notification Policy is in full accord with U.S. Supreme Court precedent, which has consistently recognized parents’ fundamental Constitutional right to direct their children’s upbringing — against which state interference with family matters are not condoned.”

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