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Bridgegate Poll: Christie Wounded But Strong

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Gov. Christie receives the Cake Boss's endorsement in 2013.

Gov. Christie receives the Cake Boss’s endorsement in 2013.

Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating stands at 59% in the Monmouth University/Asbury Park polling reults released Monday, Save Jerseyans, down 6-points from December but still strong despite a very bad stretch of press over the Bridgegate scandal.

“Chris Christie is fond of saying ‘politics ain’t beanbag.’ And it seems that most New Jerseyans accept that what has happened comes with territory, including the governor not wanting to reveal everything he knows. It seems many constituents are predisposed to give him the benefit of the doubt even if he hasn’t told all,” said Patrick Murray, director of the polling institute.

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“Republicans are sticking by Christie, giving him an 89% approval rating which is in line with the 85% GOP support he received last month,” the pollster reports. “Approval has dropped among independents from 73% in December to 62% now and among Democrats from 47% in December to 38% now.”

These early results would suggest success for the Governor’s strategy at last week’s presser. There are, of course, two giant x-factors which could impact voters’ blasé attitudes: (1) the possibility, however, unsupported by evidence at the present time, that the Governor lied, and (2) the reality of a media/Democrat establishment determined to milk every last drop of traction out of this story over the coming months.

Possibility #1, while more remote, would change the game by collapsing the Governor’s persistently strong support among Independents and soft R’s (at the very least). Perish the thought…

Possibility #2 is survivable but could drown out supporters all the same with a drip, drip, drip effect, albeit slowly.

Next up? Tuesday’s State of the State address…

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