RNC Claims Success in N.J.

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By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The RNC held its annual meeting last week, Save Jerseyans, and among other hot topics on the agenda, attendees heard about GOP successes in… New Jersey. Here’s an excerpt from the welcome letter: We tested… Continue Reading

Election Day Voting Hijinks Plague GOP

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By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Sometimes the margin makes it inconsequential insofar as the final result is concerned, Save Jerseyans, but sloppy, antiquated or in some cases downright corrupt vote tabulation procedures are costing the GOP in close contests. The… Continue Reading

Voting for Democracy

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Opinion: U.S. Governments Should Do More to Foster Voter Participation By Scott Alexander | The Save Jersey Blog President Obama last night announced the creation of a non-partisan commission to improve the voting experience in America. He tapped Democrat lawyer Bob Bauer and… Continue Reading

MSM Reports Voter Fraud Story; Does That Mean It’s Real?

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The Mainstream Media (led by The Associated Press) attack voter id law initiatives by claiming that voter fraud is imaginary (even though President Obama’s website has asked supporters to report it?). Other arguments are even dumber; a recent editorial posited… Continue Reading

Paging Republican Legislators… Why Aren’t You Fighting for Voter ID Bills?


Are you paying attention, Republican legislators? It’s been reported that Assemblycrats John McKeon (the same guy who blames taxpayers for high taxes) and Mila Jasey (a horrible liberal in her own right) will conduct an Essex County presser later today condemning voter ID laws.… Continue Reading

PA Court Upholds Voter ID Law; Now It’s Your Move, NJ Legislature!

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Good news today from across the Delaware River, Save Jerseyans. Pennsylvania Judge Robert E. Simpson issued a 70-page decision denying an application for an injunction against Pennsylvania’s voter ID law. The key part of his ruling? Judge Simpson declared that the… Continue Reading

Liberal Logic: Voter Fraud is Okay, But NOT Voting Soldiers!


Of all the absolutely shameless, crappy and downright evil affronts to democracy perpetrated by Obama/Holder & Co.  over the past four years, I think this latest atrocity truly takes the partisan cake. I’m pissed, Save Jerseyans. It is obvious? I really hope… Continue Reading