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In LD1, @GovChristie Asks for GOP Legislature

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

I went down to the Ocean City GOP HQ today to see Governor Christie speak, Save Jerseyans, and everyone reading this post in Cape May and Cumberland Counties should take note:

Notwithstanding his “bipartisan” alliances, Chris Christie explicitly said that he wants to work with Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, Kristine Gabor & Sam Fiocchi in Trenton, not Jeff Van Drew, Arrogant Nelson Albano & Bob Andrzejczak. Why would he want to work with 3 Democrats who endorsed Barbara Buono? Exactly.

From the Big Guy himself, flanked by the LD1 ticket and Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ02):

LD1 GOP Readies 3-Stage Launch

Adelizzi-Schmidt Team to Campaign in Vineland, Cape May Court House

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

LD1After gaining the formal backing of the Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland County organizations last week, the LD1 GOP ticket of Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, Sam Fiocchi and Kristine Gabor will kick off their campaign this Thursday, April 4th with three separate events. It’s the formal beginning of what’s expected to be one of the state’s most competitive 2013 jousts.

Interested in the checking it out, Save Jerseyans? Details:

Noon – 1:30 p.m. – Cape May Court House
Listening tour with local small business owners
Press Avail and Interviews
Start: Bellevue Tavern
9 S. Main Street, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210


GOP Ticket is Finally Set in LD1

Save Jersey Confirms: Republicans Adelizzi-Schmidt, Fiocchi and Gabor are Running in LD1

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

LD1Looks like we can stop talking about rumors and start talking candidates in LD1, Save Jerseyans.

Cumberland County Chairman Bob Greco tells Save Jersey that Atlantic County business owner Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, Cumberland County Freeholder Sam Fiocchi and Cape May County Freeholder Kristine Gabor are official GOP candidates in New Jersey’s 1st Legislative District for 2013.

According to Greco, all three candidates made the trip to Trenton on Thursday, where Fiocchi and Gabor addressed the Republican Assembly caucus and Adelizzi-Schmidt met with top Senate GOP brass. All three were apparently well-received by their potential future colleagues.

Adelizzi-Schmidt and Fiocchi had long been rumored to be running. Gabor’s name entered into the public rumor mill on Monday night when Republican Assembly Leader John Bramnick asked for her support in winning LD1 at the Cumberland County Lincoln Dinner.

That’s a Big Mistake, Mr. Hurley…

In his column in today’s paper, media personality Harry Hurley tried to take away the “1st District Expert” title from Save Jersey (we’ve been writing A LOT about this race) by doing an analysis of District 1. Check out what he had to say about the Freeholder race:

Republican Will Morey looks strong in the race for Cape May County freeholder. He is a well-established, lifelong resident of Cape May County. Morey is the president of the Morey Organization, which has provided boardwalk entertainment for more than 40 years. Morey is well-known and well-liked in Cape May County. He should cruise to victory in the fall campaign.

Those of you who have been reading Save Jersey know that there are actually TWO open Freeholder spots in the Cape May County, and that Will Morey AND Kristine Gabor are running unopposed for those two spots. Hurley forgot an entire seat/candidate. Not a mistake an “expert” would make. 

We agree with Hurley, that Morey is a great candidate and will make a great Freeholder. However, we also know that Gabor is a great candidate, will also make a great Freeholder, and bakes a heck of a brownie (Morey has yet to bring baked goods to an event, and Save Jersey cannot, therefore, comment on his baking abilities).

Harry, you already put your “1st District Expert” claim into doubt when you cited Jeff Van Drew’s unverified claim/”internal poll” that he has a 30 point lead at the polls (if you actually believe that, then you probably believe that yesterday was the anniversary of the day Elvis faked his death). But to leave an entire race/candidate out of your analysis? Rookie mistake.

We’ll be taking back our title of “1st District Expert”, thank you. Thank you very much.


Time to Start Kicking Ass and Taking Only One Name: Jeff Van Drew

The primary is over. It’s time to start kicking ass and taking only one name: Jeff Van Drew. And voters in District 1 are ready and raring to start kicking.

How do I know this? Well, for starters, lets take a look at yesterday’s primary.

The liberal hacks over at Politicker NJ said that the Cape May GOP and Chairman Michael Donohue needed a big win yesterday. And considering the only folks who lost yesterday who had Donohue’s support were the Phillies, I’d say they got it. The District 1 slate endorsed by the Cape May, Atlantic & Cumberland county parties demonstrated how unified Republicans in District 1 are by winning their contested primary by a 4 to 1 margin. When you win a race by that much, calling it a landslide is an understatement. And although I’m sure someone will try (cough cough, Harry Hurley, cough cough), after last night you cannot deny how strong and organized folks are in District 1.

And this primary tells us a lot about what the general election campaign will look like.

To beat Van Drew in a general election, all three Republican candidates, Dave DeWeese, Sam Fiocchi, & Suzanne Walters, need to be on the same page and 110% dedicated to the cause. The Cape May & Cumberland County GOP organizations must be united in a common goal to beat Van Drew and his puppets, with each party playing to their local strengths. Furthermore, the Republican down ticket candidates must support the entire ticket and help drive turnout.

This primary saw all of the above happen. I have heard DeWeese, Fiocchi & Walters speak at multiple events and have had time to speak with each of them. They are intelligent, knowledgable and are are readying and willing to do what it takes to win. And they showed it last night at the election night party the Cape May GOP threw. DeWeese’s best line of the night:

When I am your State Senator, rest assured, I will be rolling up my sleeves and working side-by-side with our Governor, not standing in his way!

Cape May GOP Chair Michael Donohue and Cumberland GOP Chair Bob Greco have no ego between them and are ready to win. Republican leaders from the new District 1 municipalities in Cumberland County were in attendence in a great showing of unity and support. The parties are ready to fight Van Drew this November.

And finally, as you may have heard, Van Drew came down with a severe case of Terrell Owens Syndrome and is making this year all about him and no one else by clearing the Democratic ticket in Cape May. He’s hoping that lots of local uncontested races will make Republican candidates relax this cycle and drive down voter turnout. Not gonna happen Jeff. Last night, many local candidates were present and made known their intention to do exactly what Van Drew doesn’t want; get people to the polls. Led at the local level by the unopposed freeholder candidates,  business-savvy Will Morey and politically-savvy Kristine Gabor, the local slate WILL drive Republican voters to the polls. Van Drew’s clearing of the slate will only keep Democrats at home.

So get your game faces on folks. Its been said that Van Drew is insulted that someone is running against him this year. Imagine what he’s going to say when this ticket, this party, this district unseats him.

(Belated) Follow Friday: Cape May County GOP & Candidates

This Internet thing is like Ron Burgundy; it’s kind of a big deal. And people know about it.

So it’s kind of important that we all support each other on the Internet.

So I decided I am going to (try to) post a link to someone or some groups Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, web site, event, or whatever they have cooked up in the hopes that Save Jersey readers will check it out and support them, once every two weeks on Fridays.

(Ya, I know its late, but I work for a living.)

In Cape May County, Senator Jeff Van Drew cleared the Democratic ticket this year (except in his own race) in an attempt to drive down Republican turnout in Republican Cape May County in order to aid himself in his re-election bid in the District 1. Since all of Cape May is in District 1, if Republicans go back to the polls in Cape May this year like they did last year, Van Drew won’t be going back to Trenton. Hence his attempt to drive down turnout by making all races except his unchallenged. He is hoping that if Freeholder and other races are uncontested, Republicans will stay home and not vote against him in November. Shows how much he values his constituents. Since Van Drew has taken aim at the entire Cape May ticket, I am encouraging everyone to click on the 3 links provided below.

Cape May GOP
Will Morey & Kristine Gabor (Freeholder Candidates)
Cigars Under the Stars Fundraiser for NJ Senate Candidate David DeWeese (I will be attending this)

To help counter Van Drew’s ticket wide, county wide manipulations, get involved with all of these folks to stay informed about how to help Cape May County go red this year.

In-Depth Look at the Cape May GOP Convention

As promised, after posting my quick thoughts on Wednesday’s Cape GOP convention on Friday, here my non-cliff notes thoughts on the event.

If you’ve read my cliff notes post, or the numerous articles written about the event, or seen the video and/or pictures, then you know it was a well attended, well received event which ended in endorsing Will Morey and Kristine Gabor for Freeeholder (and would have done it for Senate and Assembly candidates if they had drawn a new map on time). So instead of re-capping what everyone already knows, let’s take a look at the bigger implications of the event.

Open Candidate Selection Process Restores Trust

Trust in politicians and political parties, which was never very good to begin with, is at an all time low. Holding an open endorsement process, therefore, helps to rebuild that trust on three fronts. The first and most obvious is that an open and transparent process is much more trusted than a closed door process. Secondly, in 2010 voters in general, and Republicans & Tea Partiers in particular, sent a clear message that they were fed up with our elected leaders and their parties. By immediately changing the endorsement process from one that favored the edict of the County Chair to one that favors the choice of democratically elected delegates, by immediately rejecting the old process that favored those in power and embracing a new process that favors participation by all, the Cape May GOP is letting voters know they got the message. Finally, Chairman Michael Donohue demonstrated to both party members and voters that when he said he was going to change things, he meant it. He kept a promise he made to those who voted for him, a trait voters have been finding lacking in their leaders lately.

Public Demonstration of the Cape May GOP’s Organizational Strength

Despite strong 2010 general election results, there are a few people who question the organizational prowess of the Cape May GOP and its ability to function effectively in the 2011 election cycle. Those people have now had their questions answered: the Cape May GOP can.

I’ve been to conventions before, I’ve helped organize conventions before. I know how easily a convention can go wrong, and how hard it is to throw a good one. By throwing an organized, well executed convention that accommodated a large number of attendees, utilized an efficient voting process and received positive attention from numerous media outlets, the Cape May GOP publicly demonstrated its ability to effectively mobilize and execute at a level at or above what is needed for a successful election this November. Additionally, both the party’s pre-event promotion and registration and post-event communications are indications of the party’s ability to easily convey a message quickly and efficiently amongst its base and mobilize them, which will come in handy this election season.

Generated Energy and Enthusiasm Amongst the Republican Base

The previous candidate endorsement process was not one which was conducive to rallying the troops. Closed door processes rarely are. Afterall, its hard to convince people to donate time and money to someone they had no say in picking.

The Cape May GOP convention and endorsement process energized every delegate, elected official and volunteer who attended. There was so much excitement in the room that you could almost cut it with a knife. And they did it in March of a year with the least headline grabbing races possible; no president, senate, congress or governor on the ballot. The only people I’ve seen who are more excited and optimistic about winning in November this year are named Halladay, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels.   

Enthusiasm is a needed political commodity that cannot be bought, it has to be generated and earned. By bringing together the party into one room and allowing the organizations members to pick their endorsement, the Cape May GOP kicked off the election season by infusing all the delegates with a desire to win this November, a desire they can take back to their local clubs. This will result in a fired up activist base that the Cape GOP can call upon

This convention was a great start to the 2011 election cycle, and is a great indication that Cape May Republicans will rise to the occasion this year.


Morey, Gabor win Cape May GOP Freeholder Endorsement

Earlier tonight, over 160 Cape May Republican delegates and over 100 guests and elected officials met at the Wildwood Convention Center to, for the first time in over 30 years, hold an open process to endorse primary candidates. After hearing from 4 candidates seeking the Cape GOP nod, on the very first ballot Will Morey and Kristine Gabor overwhelmingly were selected as the two Freeholder candidates of choice. Running unopposed, Sheriff Gary Schaffer won the nod for Sheriff, and Steve Gillian for State Committeeman.

Those in attendence also heard from candidates seeking Senate and Assembly seats. Since the new legislative district map has yet to be drawn because the committee that was supposed to do so missed their deadline, no vote on those candidates will be held until the new map comes out.