Confirmed: Adler Planted Fake Tea Party Candidate

Yesterday, Tom Symanski got everyone up to speed on just how low the Adler campaign has decided to go this cycle. It turns out Tom spoke just a bit too soon as the term “low” has just officially been redefined.

Thanks to some great investigative reporting by Jane Roh of the Courier Post, we now can confirm what everyone already assumed anyway. The Camden County Democrat Machine and two of its cogs, Steve Ayscue and Geoff Mackler, are solely responsible for recruiting and supporting Peter DeStefano, a fake Tea Party candidate that the Tea Party groups had never even heard of until the Adler campaign released his name from an internal poll.

DeStefano was put in place, according to the teaser article on the Courier Post’s website, by Democrat operatives in order to pull at least 5% of the vote from Jon Runyan. This would be enough to spoil Runyan’s chances as polls indicate that the race is particularly close and is among the hardest to call in the nation.

The plan was apparently announced at a Camden County Democrat Committee meeting that took place on May 26. Roh’s sources, who understandably are remaining anonymous, were presumably present at this meeting and familiar with the plan. Some were even admittedly uneasy about the idea at all. When people work for a campaign they often want to win, but they also believe in the candidate. By recruiting DeStefano, a low life-form that we shall now only know as a democrat tool, the CCDC establishment showed that they don’t even believe in John Adler running on his record. Now it seems, because of their foolish idea, Adler wont be picking up any votes based on his honesty either.

This could be the story that breaks the Adler campaign, Save Jerseyans, even if it doesnt happen right away. There is a good chance that most voters in CD-3 had not even heard of DeStefano at this point in the race, but that will all change tomorrow. The only problem for the democrats is that people will only know him as a plant, and they will see how low Adler is willing to go. When your own volunteers are ratting you out, its clear that whatever they are saying only scratches the surface of the ethical quagmire that is the Adler campaign. To top it all off, there is a debate coming up between Runyan and Adler, and you can bet Runyan will make an issue of this. To draw contrast to another hotly contested race, Peter DeStefano could be seen as John Adler’s very own Nicky Diaz.

The rest of the article will be in today’s Courier Post, and you can bet that Save Jersey will keep you updated on the story. Hats off to Jane Roh for uncovering an ethical dilemma that shows the CCDC and John Adler for what we already knew they were: corrupt, slimy, and unfit to represent the people of South Jersey.

25 thoughts on “Confirmed: Adler Planted Fake Tea Party Candidate

  1. In a sense, the Republican Apparatchik have done this to themselves. For years the power brokers in the party have been forcing their "anointed " candidate on the rank and file in the primary. Theoretically, the primary is open, but they put their thumb on the scale by putting massive resources into making sure that their candidate is chosen. At times they have forced out candidates so that there is no real primary. The rank and file has had enough of this and is disgusted with the leadership in the party. If the leadership had been more open to the rank and file, they would get far more enthusiasm around ALL of the candidates that ultimately run in the general election. Instead, they are seen as being imposed from the ivory tower.

    The Democrats are only taking advantage of the Republican power broker's mistakes.

  2. Are you suggesting that there should have been another candidate to beat Runyan in the primary? The only other viable candidate in the primary race was Hill, and he wasn't a tea party candidate either.

    DeStefano wasn't even a part of the primary process, nor was he on the ballot anywhere. The Adler campaign created his campaign AFTER the fact as an independent run.

    This has nothing to do with the GOP establishment's candidate choice. This is election tampering plain and simple. Adler can't win on his record or ability, the democrat machine knows this, so they feel the need to cheat. Sad at best, criminal at worst.

  3. Arrogance is the reason why Carl Lewis thhugot he could run and win a state senate seat without meeting unambiguous constitutional residency requirements. Arrogance is also the motivating factor behind the South Jersey Democrat Machine's efforts to recruit Lewis, much like they tried to insert a fake tea partier into last year's Runyan-Adler congressional race.

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