Early Signs of Trouble for N.J. House Dems

If the first six hours of voting in Election 2010 is any indication, Save Jerseyans, then Rep. John Adler (D) and his fellow House Dems are in for a world of hurt this evening.

For starters, Save Jersey sources report light turnout in Cherry Hill (Camden County). Cherry Hill is John Adler’s home base. It’s also the largest Democrat town in the Third Congressional District. Keep in mind that Adler only won in 2008 by a little more than 4-points. Without strong turnout in Cherry Hill and a few other “blue” key towns (Burlington, Willingboro), Adler’s goose is cooked! The freshman congressman simply won’t be able to amass enough votes in Burlington County to overcome Runyan’s anticipated margins in deep-red Ocean County.

Perhaps more interestingly for veteran campaign watchers, the “4 Million Dollar Man” Frank Pallone seems to be experiencing similar GOTV troubles up in North Jersey.PolitickerNJ.com reports that turnout is very light in CD-6’s Democrat stronghold of Plainfield (Union County). A weak showing in true-blue Plainfield could facilitate an historic upset victory for Tea Party darling Anna Little provided, of course, that she racks up a solid margin in battleground Monmouth County.

Stay tuned for more updates as Election Day progresses. Have a report from your own polling place? Leave a comment below to share your insight with our audience.

3 thoughts on “Early Signs of Trouble for N.J. House Dems

  1. Voted in the 6th district at around 10am. I was the only one there.

    The turnout is a lot less than I remember from prior elections.

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