2 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD: Polling Place Observations

  1. The Ballot question for New Jerseyans: Constitutional Ammendment to Dedicate Assessments on Wages by the State to the Payment of employee Benefits, once had an interpretivt Statement that was as confusing as the question itself.

    Here is the true meaning and why, we should vote NO.



    Many people have questions about the public question on the ballot. It is a request to pass a constitutional amendment to dedicate assessments on wages by the state (taxpayers) to the payment of state employee benefits. Employee benefits and pensions are NOT constitutional law as of now. To vote NO keeps us from having to guarantee their pension payments and benefits.

    To vote YES guarantees this by constitutional law. Who else has this kind of guarantee and can we afford it? In the private sector, when the company goes bankrupt, so do the pensions.

    I also checked this info with two highly reliable sources. Send this to your friends. My rule of thumb is – if I am confused about any ballot question, it's written that way for a reason and I vote NO.

    If it's a good bill but defeated, it will come back. If it's a bad bill, it's almost impossible to repeal it – like Obama's. GET OUT AND VOTE

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