Save Jersey Editor’s Car Vandalized…TWICE!

Save Jerseyans, as many of you know, I am a part owner and consultant for Exit 3 Strategies, a political consulting firm in South Jersey. This year I had the pleasure of running a campaign in my hometown of Voorhees, NJ. We ran a campaign like no one had ever seen before out of a Republican in this town. Mike Friedman, the candidate, raised a phenominal amount of money and knocked on over 5700 doors. In my opinion he is the caliber of candidate who can make it to Trenton someday.

But this post is not about him. Over the weekend my car was vandalized twice while no other property on my entire street was touched. Late Saturday night, I went out to my car around 1:00AM, and my front tire was slashed. Also, one of my yard signs was knocked over. I thought this was an isolated incident. However, tonight when I came home around 12:45AM, driving my brother’s car because I still don’t have use of my front tire, there were at least 3 eggs splattered on my hood; yolk frozen to the paint. It took some time to get it off, but its now clean. I don’t like to throw accusations around, and I wont accuse anyone outright, but with the race I ran this year, theres no way that it could be a coincidence.

Why am I telling you this? Because the Democrats are scared. So scared that they are willing to vandalize a 13 year old Nissan Altima owned by a 23 year old law student trying to run his own company. This shows you the difference between us and them. The Democrats are running scared all over this state, even in the most unlikely towns, like mine.

Enjoy tonight, Save Jerseyans, because this is going to be bigger than last year. Its going to be bigger than we’ve imagined. Get out there and vote. Do it for my piece of crap car.

11 thoughts on “Save Jersey Editor’s Car Vandalized…TWICE!

  1. While I sympathize, did it ever occur to you that Saturday the 30th was Mischief Night? It is odd that only your property was affected. Honestly though, the vandalism is more likely to have been the result of Mischief Night and not some vast Democratic conspiracy. Be a little more reasonable.

  2. Of course I realized that. Which is why I originally thought nothing of it and was simply annoyed. Then I realized that no other incidents of vandalism took place on my entire street, and that my yard signs were also tampered with, and that my car was egged the night before the election just before writing this post.

    I can't prove who did it, and honestly its all fixed now and I have moved on (although I am out a few hundred dollars for tires and alignment). But the idea that my car would be vandalized for political reasons twice in three days, just before election day, in a town where I was quite visibly running a campaign (which won by the way) that dug up a lot of dirt does not seem unreasonable at all. Nor does it really sound like a conspiracy. More like some irate democrats who wanted to take out their impending failure on me.

    Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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