Christie to Illinois: We’ll take your jobs if you don’t want them

So. Full.Of.Win.

This is exactly what Christie should be doing. Will it work? Who knows, New Jersey has a lot of work to do with reforming property taxes and income taxes but bringing in jobs and new business will help everything fall into balance. And yes, AFP, green jobs are alright in our book.

Christie Says He’ll Go to Illinois to Lure Jobs to New Jersey

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he intends to go to Illinois next week to lure jobs from business executives angered about personal income and corporate tax increases its governor and Legislature enacted this month.

The trip coincides with advertisements that his administration began running today in publications including the Chicago Tribune and Springfield (Illinois) Journal, encouraging businesses to relocate and invest in New Jersey, Christie said.

The first-term New Jersey governor said he sees opportunity in Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s decision to increase the income tax by two-thirds and corporate taxes to 7 percent from 4.8 percent to help reduce a deficit of at least $13 billion.

“If he wants to tank his economy, that’s just fine,” Christie, a 48-year-old Republican, said in an interview at Bloomberg News headquarters in New York today. “I’ll go and try to collect as many businesses as I can, and every job that I create, that I take from Illinois, which comes to New Jersey, will be a net plus for us.””