Foul Sewage

The corruption and hiring of family members by the Passaic Valley Sewage Commission was big news last week.  The Governor wrote them a fairly straightforward letter ordering them to produce rationale for what is clearly patronage-based hiring.

So how did Commissioner Flynn respond to this request?  He called upon the Governor to

“Submit proof of your accusations that we have not conformed to the efforts of this administration and if I am wrong I will apologize to you. When I am forwarded the retraction, and an apology for the unprofessional tone of this correspondence I will immediately reply to your request.”

As it turns out, like several other members, Mr. Flynn is a holdover from the previous administration.  A Democrat, he is still on the board because his friend, Sen. Girgenti, has held up new nominees unless Flynn is reappointed.  The sheer arrogance of one commissioner, especially one at this ethically troubled authority, to write such a rude and non-compliant letter to the Governor is astounding.  The Democrats in Trenton should promptly pass Senator O’Toole’s bill that would give the Governor veto power over the commission.  At the same time, they should stop rejecting all of the Governor’s nominees and ensure that the only sewage at the PVSC exists inside the pipes.   It is the obstructionist tactics of the Senate and Assembly Democrats that created and continue to sustain this “mess” of patronage and waste.  If they fail to pass a bill, they are proving that they are simply incapable of any real ethics reform that this state so desperately needs.

Oh, it almost goes without saying that Commissioner Flynn should be sent packing ASAP.  His elementary-school level outburst at the Governor should pretty plainly disqualify him from the serious and honorable privilege of serving the taxpayers of this state.

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  1. The letter is from the Governor's Chief Counsel and was sent on behalf of the executive branch and the Governor, it's not a personal letter from Mr. Chiesa.

    "In light of your continued resistance, and because the *governor* lacks veto authority over the actions taken by the commissioners, I hereby demand that you produce the following information "

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