SURPRISE: Menendez flips on Fillibuster Reform

This isn’t actually surprising. Liberals like Menendez are always willing to flip-flop on ANY issue if it helps them politically.  And the worst part about Menendez? He hides behind his Cuban heritage for political gain when its helpful for him to advance his liberal agenda.  This is why we need to kick Menendez OUT of office and elect a good Republican.

From the NRSC:

Menendez Embraces Senate Rules Changes That He Once Likened To Castro Regime

After Democrats Suffer Election Losses, New Jersey Democrat Wants To Change The Rules & Strengthen Party Power

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who remains under federal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, is now leading the charge to change the Senate’s rules, which would dramatically strengthen the Democrats’ power in the Senate.

Menendez told The Jersey Journal editorial board that he now wants to change the rules governing the filibuster, a parliamentary procedure that gives the minority party a voice by requiring 60 votes to move forward on major legislation.   However, when Senate Democrats were in the minority in 2005, Menendez not only took the exact opposite position, but went even further by comparing efforts to change the filibuster rules to the actions of the Communist regime in Cuba and accused Republicans of “trampling on the rights of millions of Americans.”

Click Here To Watch Then-Congressman Menendez Bitterly Oppose Filibuster Reform in 2005

“Senator Menendez owes the people of New Jersey an explanation – is he so desperate to retain the Democrats’ power in the Senate that he’s now embracing the same Castro-like tactics that he condemned just five years ago?  Why such a dramatic change in position, other than the fact that Democrats are no longer in the minority?” National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Chris Bond asked today.  “As he prepares to face a re-election battle next year, the voters of New Jersey will have to decide if they can trust a professional politician like Senator Menendez, whose so-called principles fall by the wayside when it comes to retaining his own personal power in Washington.”


Then-Congressman Menendez In 2005: “By Ending The Filibuster, The Republican Party Is Attempting To Overturn 200 Years Of Precedent In A Partisan Power Grab That Will Stomp On The Rights Of The Minority And Leave Congress Fundamentally Changed For The Worse.” (Congressman Bob Menendez, “U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) Holds A News Conference On Judicial Nominations,” 5/23/05)

  • “Americans I believe understand very fundamentally that you cannot change the rules in the middle of the game just because you do not like the outcome…..shifting political power shouldn’t undermine fundamental protections.” (Congressman Bob Menendez, “U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) Holds A News Conference On Judicial Nominations,” 5/23/05)

3 thoughts on “SURPRISE: Menendez flips on Fillibuster Reform

  1. This is not exactly accurate. The rules changes are minor and will not effect the filibuster per se. One change is to make the anonymous hold extinct. You can still put a hold on something, but you have to own up to it, which isn't the case right now. What you are talking about is the 'Nuclear Option", which gets rid of the 60 votes needed to squelch a filibuster which was proposed by the republicans when they were in the majorty. That's not on the table now. Also, you fail to mention that these minor changes are the result of bipartisan talks among 15 Senators.

    The least you could do is report fairly and accurately instead of always making it a hatchet job.

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