@GovChristie: The Pro-Life Issue’s “Time Has Come”

Pro-life advocates rallied in Washington and around the country on Tuesday with renewed enthusiasm, Save Jerseyans. And who can blame them? Sweeping November victories at the local, state and federal levels have abortion’s hardiest detractors feeling a wind at their back for the first time in years.

The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives is already planning a variety of measures including a repeal of the ObamaCare loophole for federally-funded abortions as well as steps to end collateral sources of support for the infamously corrupt Planned Parenthood. It’s a welcome change in direction for conservatives to be sure, but let’s not forget the all-important fact (one our old friend Matt Rooney expended more energy than anyone trumpeting) that Trenton of all places has been ground zero of the conservative revolution over the past year.

The former lawman ran and won in “blue” jersey as an unapologetic pro-life candidate in 2009. Then in April 2010, well before the red midterm wave crested over the National Mall, Governor Christie was eagerly waging war with New Jersey Planned Parenthood and its allies in the State House. Yet it was his ultra-realist technique that, in the end, proved more remarkable than his raw power of conviction. Rather than lose the abortion debate amid the weeds of religious and moral demagoguery, Christie continued to gain ground for conservatism by tying the king of all social issues to a profoundly conservative economic truth: citizens in a free society shouldn’t be forced into an open-ended obligation to pay for the choices of less responsible citizens (and particularly in a “great” recession)!

Christie reaffirmed this winning message yesterday afternoon at a demonstration atop the State House steps:


(Video courtesy of State House Steps)

Indeed, the Pro-life issue’s time has come and, as is clear to even casual political observers, so has Chris Christie’s.

He concluded yesterday’s remarks by reminding the crowd that, “In this Governor you have today, and will have for the rest of my life, an ally.” It’s a signature Christie crowd-pleaser, but if he really does half as good a job advocating for the unborn as he does for this state’s taxpayers, then New Jersey’s Governor may soon claim an entirely new universe of allies around the country on his road to national political superstardom. You heard it here first as with MOST things Christie, Save Jerseyans!