DCCC Already Targeting Runyan for 2012

The DCCC is clearly wasting no time. Even after throwing a ton of money at John Alder in 2010, and even after Democrat leadership had given Adler permission to take more moderate stances on key issues, the former congressman was still handily defeated by Jon Runyan. The DCCC’s solution is to begin the smear buys now, utilizing every broad advertising method short of television to spread misinformation about Runyan and 18 other incumbents.

For the next week, according to the Washington Post, the DCCC will be blasting out web, radio, telephone, and email advertisements to kick off its effort to unseat 25 Republicans in 2012 to take back their short lived (but not nearly short enough) majority.

Unfortunately for the DCCC, Runyan seat in NJ-3 is unlikely to be a good place to look for a pick up. The seat is undeniably one that is traditionally held by Republicans. The constituency is undeniably one that leans more to the right by any standard, especially for New Jersey. And finally, the congressman currently occupying the seat undeniably represents these sentiments by leaps and bounds over his former opponent. The voters of NJ-3 will not be making the same mistake that they made in 2008. They were disillusioned with Bush and overtaken by the Obama wave. Something tells me that wave wont be so high in 2012, and theres no George W. Bush to make anyone second guess what they know is in their best interest. I realize that the vulnerable seats may be few and far between in two years, but the DCCC may want to focus their increasingly limited resources elsewhere.

12 thoughts on “DCCC Already Targeting Runyan for 2012

  1. Congressman Runyan has run on a "term limit" pledge. I would hope the DCCC's candidate in 2012 will accept the same pledge otherwise the DCCC's attacks are void of substance.

    The voters of NJ's 3rd congressional district understand the difference between HONORABLE service & selfish service—DCCC can attack all they wish, the bottom line is South Jersey "machine" Democratics candidates cannot come close to offering a candidate with the same character as the current congressman. Character Counts & the BurCo, OceanCo and CamCo Dems machine candidates are empty!

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