Sen. Schumer Has Some Studying to Do…

It seems that Senator Schumer has a terrible habit of speaking his mind on topics of which he has no understanding. Save Jerseyans, many of you will remember that the New York Senator recently criticized New Jersey and our Governor for canceling the ARC Tunnel project. His criticism was met with a memorable response from Christie in which he told Schumer to “mind his manners” on the other side of the Hudson unless he had $5 Billion dollars to help fund the mismanaged political stunt that was the ARC project.

Well now it seems that Chuck Schumer has an activity he can work on while he’s minding his manners. In this recent interview with CNN, Schumer talks about the dangers of the government going into a shut down without proper funding resolutions being passed on March 4th of this year. He criticizes (since thats seems to be all he knows how to do) the GOP for taking a hardline stance on the debt ceiling and warned them about not compromising. Of course, he makes all of these points without mentioning that the entire reason that continuing resolutions are even necessary to fund the government is because his party made the political decision to not pass a budget for the current fiscal year. Had a budget been passed, this debate would not even be taking place.

Toward the end of his rant, Schumer shows just how necessary it was for the Constitution to be read aloud when the 112th Congress went into session this year. Schumer gets it partially right, I’ll give credit where credit is due, there are in fact 3 branches of government. We have a legislature, an executive, and a judiciary. These branches are laid out in the first, second, and third Articles of the Constitution. However, according to Senator Schumer, we have abolished this wonderfully working system, gotten rid of the courts, and have elevated the Senate to its own branch! No wonder this guy feels the need to pontificate on every issue he can spot! He finds his chamber to be important enough to be its own branch of government, and clearly considers himself to be one of the biggest, smartest men in the room. Senator Schumer, please take Governor Christie’s advice. Mind your manner, and re-read the Constitution.