Awesome Friday Rally Footage: Union Protesters Compare @GovChristie to Gaddafi!

I don’t know who shot this video other than Paulbud on YouTube, but MAN does this piss me off!

Please feel free to comment on the other protests that occurred over the weekend:



  1. Wow. Liberals sounding like Glenn Beck…He must be quivering!

    Collective Bargaining is the backbone of America's work ethic. Obviously it's time for those in power who think they can sweep it away in the name "getting out the recession" need a new plan and tactic.

    When you threaten people's way of life—you takes your chances and youse guys pisses thems offs.

  2. Piss you off? Why should it? I would bet you've been to a few Tea Party rallies. Does that piss you off too? Those thugs took days off of work to protest everything under the sun…did that piss you off? These people are protesting the dictatorial tactics of Christie and other republican governors who want to destroy the American way of life. (How do you like it?).

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