DC AFL-CIO Rally at the NGA Conference

About 125 union workers, hippies, socialists and a few poor kids got up early, skipped church and went to the JW Marriot for a rally against the Governors who were at the NGA conference this weekend. There were no clever signs or chants – just regular union slogans and chants. I took photos and video for your edification SaveJersey. This is what the Left is doing right now.



These videos are “edited” because I used a filter on my video camera.





2 thoughts on “DC AFL-CIO Rally at the NGA Conference

  1. YOU are just an asshole Matt. Do you really thing that these people, some of them look like their in thier 70"s are hippies and socialists? When your precious Tea Baggers meet, do you think they are all racists and nazis? (some do). These are American patriots fighting for the rights that those before them fought for. These are true American patriots….not those phony, American hating Tea Baggers. These are the real people of America.

    God bless them and their cause. Keep up the fight against the dark side Patriots!!!

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