Christie Continues To Be Pro-Life | Obama Fails to Provide Abortion Data

Christie vetoed A3273 and S2393 because he’s guess what – a pro-life conservative. Via New Jersey Right to Life:

“We thank Governor Christie for vetoing this bill. A3273/S2393 would have forced taxpayers to support the activities and expansion of an organization that was caught on tape aiding and abetting in the sex trafficking and abortions of minors as young as 14. In vetoing this bill, Governor Christie has ensured that NJ taxpayers will not be complicit in the sexual abuse and exploitation of poor women and minors under the pretense of ‘women’s health.’”

Also check out this stunning article from RedState about the Obama Administration’s decision to stop releasing abortion data. This is all part of the liberal triangulation between the White House, Congress and third-party groups like Planned Parenthood which had this exciting video released today.