Christie faces down MD Gov O’Malley

In a battle among two potential 2016 presidential candidates, Governor O’Malley (D-MD), said that Christie

“delights in being abusive towards public employees.”

As a former resident of Maryland, I can tell you that “Owe’Malley” is about as partisan as they come.  Every decision he makes is motivated by polling, politics, and most of all, his personal ambition to be President.  I mean, this guy actually had his own brother made chair of the state Democratic party.

Christie, always the statesman, said of his honest and selfless governing style:

I call that telling the people who are paying the bills the truth and not kissing up to every special interest you want to have on your side to get electoral success.”

The contrast between these two men – career politician O’Malley versus Christie the reformer, could not be any more clear.  Expect to see these two battling even more as 2016 approaches.

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