Signs That NJ State Senate Races Have Begun

Although the census data had just come in and redistricting has really only just begun, the incumbents and candidates for State Senate broke the starting line yesterday. How can I tell? No it was not some secret tip or a recycled press release. There was a Twitter explosion yesterday. The Senate GOP have decided to come out early and establish an online presence for their campaigns that has previously been underutilized. Someone in the political arm of the caucus was hard at work all morning setting up accounts for most of the Senators, getting ready for what I hope is a well branded and coordinated internet push that will help put our candidates in new, favorably drawn districts at an early advantage.

Make their efforts worthwhile and go follow the Senators on Twitter.

The second, and far more obvious, reason that the 2011 campaign season is officially upon is because the first campaign kickoff event was held. Assemblyman Vince Polistina, with a great crowd, campaign staff, and the support of a growing list of prominent Republicans in South Jersey, held an event to announce his candidacy in the 2nd legislative district to unseat Senator Whalen.

Whalen took the seat in an upset election in 2007 amid a split Republican Party in the district and a historically bad time period for the GOP in general. However, the circumstances are completely changed now. Governor Christie is up in Trenton ready to lend his support and the Atlantic and Cape May County parties are more unified than they have been in years. The Republican base in these counties are also more energized than ever. It seems that Polistina could not have picked a better year to shoot for a promotion, and Whalen should look out.