CPAC Short List of 2012 Presidential Candidates

CPAC has released their 2012 straw poll candidates. I’m going to list them and put down a short reason why they could be a good candidate. No endorsement or support is given here.

CPAC Short List:

a. Michele Bachmann – Tea Party and has a niche base.
b. Haley Barbour – led the RGA to victory in 2010, has a record of winning and political┬ásuaveness.
c. Herman Cain – outsider who has actually created private sector, low class and middle class jobs.
d. Chris Christie – is not running. Sadly. But would totally destroy Iowa and New Hampshire press
e. Mitch Daniels – maybe the smartest guy in the field, knows fiscal issues inside/out
f. Newt Gingrich – 1994. I was 8 but he was my political idol then.
g. Mike Huckabee – did well in 2008, lost weight, works on Fox.
h. Jon Huntsman – has seen the inside of the Obama Admin – probably knows more than any Republican about Obama
i. Gary Johnson – runs the slash and burn budget plays better than anyone
j. Sarah Palin – who?
k. Ron Paul – has a built-in base, his son is a Senator and he has name ID.
l. Tim Pawlenty – hot wife and decent record as Governor
m. Mitt Romney – has $$$$$$$$$$ – lots of it and is ready to spend it immediately. Has been running for 2012 since 2007.
n. Rick Santorum – pretty strong conservative credentials, would be okay by the Tea Party
o. John Thune – great hair